Open your eyes!

our specialist
The buyers from Vida Verde are true product specialists. They have a direct line with our suppliers, growers, to get the Information and care about the products in our weekly offer. The Vida Verde sales team has a sustainable commercial relationship with their customers and find solutions and has anwsers for them. The marketing department inspires customers with collections, promotional material and footage so customers could be distinguished with ready-made shop presentations. The logistics ensures that orders are built in an efficient and correct way. There all out for 1 thing: Working Together!

Vida Verde is constantly looking for novelties and through direct contact with the grower we often know at first to offer a new product. Customers appreciate this and look weekly at our offer. Even if they do not need plants!

Vida Verde-One Stop Shopping means: houseplants, garden plants, water plants, arrangements, cut flowers, florists articles. A wide and deep range in which the customer can make his own choice.

Our suppliers, growers, are familiar with our demands on quality. 90% of our products come directly from the grower. Quality ensures satisfied consumers which will repeat purchases. A satisfied customer will come back.

Our marketing department provides an annual calendar with collections with each time a different theme. Customers are getting inspired by ready-made shop presentations supported by beautiful posters, inspirational films and other promotional material. So the customer can distinguish themselves and encourage the sales towards the customer. The customer wants to be surprised. So you can create loyal customers. Link to flicker + youtube

You get what you order. Photo’s which are on our ordering system are real photo’s of the article.

Delivery Frequency
Several times a week we can send orders.

Custom made
Everybody at Vida Verde is geared up to fill in the wishes of customers correctly. Whether small or large orders, they are built efficiently to minimize transportation costs and they are properly checked before transport.

Our ordering system Lisa offers the customer a virtual shop in which easely orders can be made